Beauty secrets of Bollywood Babes

Heroines are dolled-up in real life, air-brushed in magazines and touched-up in movies. However it cannot be denied that some of them are first-rate beauties. We asked five of them to share their beauty secret with us.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan


Best Feature: Her glowing, honeyed skin

Ash’s secret: “I drink hot water with lemon and honey to clear my skin every morning. But that’s not all! To ensure radiance I also use cucumbers to relieve the skin. And yes I firmly believe that eight glasses of water must be consumed so that all toxins leave the body and keep you feeling energetic.”

We think: Ash has slightly ratty hair, but the reason she models for Lux is clear: She looks fresh and beautiful any time of the day.

Shilpa Shetty


Best feature: Easy, her 10/10 body

Shilpa’s secret: “I eat a lot! But I also make sure I work out for two hours a day in my personal home gym to tone my body, which is my best feature. I don’t have any tea, coffee or cold drinks; instead I drink lots of slightly warm water.”

We think: To look the way she does at her age is magnificent. Few Bollywood bodies have the tone that Shilpa does. Her washboard stomach is to die for.

Kareena Kapoor


Best feature: Her international uber-slim look Kareena’s secret: “My current look is thanks to Bharat Thakur’s yoga classes. I’ve not gone on any big diet and haven’t stopped eating. Being vegetarian helps me have healthy and clear skin.”

We think: Kareena is easily the actress easiest on the eye. She could get a major Hollywood role and not need to change a thing to fit in. She’s the kind of long, lean beauty that most actresses want to be.

Celina Jaitley


Best feature: Celine herself says it’s “my glowing skin and long, shining hair”

Celina’s secret: “Eat lots of papaya, drink lots of water, keep a healthy state of mind. And no smoking or drinking! Lastly, the most important beauty tip is… yoga.”

We think: Yes, Celina has super hair but, as Ghalib told the man who asked him to quit drinking and love if he wanted heaven: “If I HAD drink and love I wouldn’t WANT heaven”.

Koena Mitra


Best feature: What may politely be called oomph.

Koena’s secret: “I work-out in the gym every day for an hour and a half. I ONLY make an exception if I’m shooting outdoors. Fitness is extremely important for me and I make sure I take time out to exercise. Fruits and salads are my favourite snack and I prefer to munch on a fruit whenever I’m hungry. Water is something that I don’t miss during the day. I drink lots of water to keep my fluid level high. Besides, it’s great for glowing skin.”

We think: Koena has a super body and one that she has had to work really hard for, not having the leanness of Kareena or the height of Shilpa. Now if only she could get her nose-job right. In the words of the immortal Rakhi Sawant: “Jo Bhagwan nahin deta, woh doctor deta hai.”

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