Dia Mirza looks hot on the Maxim cover page

Well, we know that you would have been swept off your floor with the title. Trust us, even we too were. But what swept were the angelic Di's images in the recent edition of the Maxim magazine (for the uninitiated, Di happens to be the pet name of Dia Mirza)!

Dia Mirza

Dia looks super hot in this issue. And mind you, Dia is not new to the Maxim family, as this is the second time that she has been the 'Cover Girl' of this mag. And when asked about how she manages to give all the angels a marathon run for their hard-earned money, Dia says, "Eating healthy, working out and most importantly, surrounding myself with work and people that keep me in a positive frame of mind." For all the wannabe Dias out there, here's what she says, "Be real. Be confident. Have an opinion and Express it. It isn't much fun if all you do is care to know more."

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