Mugdha says, “Don’t be surprised because that’s the way I function

mugdha godse

Mugdha Godse is not a new name in the scene of ramps, but the debut movie of this hot model is yet to hit the screens. Talking about sexy Mugdha Godse, the gal is making a debut with Madhur Bhandarkar’s ‘Fashion’ and even before the movie hits the screens, Mugdha bags in a three-film deal with Percept Pictures Company.

The best part of this deal is that Mugdha is free to work outside the deal. Giving in more details about the contract, Godse said, “The films that I am doing with PPC would have me in a lead-lead kind of a role. Also, since the production house has 10-15 films in the pipeline, the role that I would eventually end up doing would be by mutual consent between me and the director. I should like the film and the director should also find me suitable enough for the part.”

Where other newcomers make their presence felt in Bollywood with their romances and controversies, not much has been said about Mugdha in the gossip columns. Explaining the reason, Mugdha says, “Don’t be surprised because that’s the way I function. That’s not my style. For some it may be a way to keep making headlines but I would rather have everything firmly in place before I let people know about it.”

So, here we have one lady who prefers to let her work speak for her. Hope her debut reveals the best of her hidden talents!!

mugdha godse

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