'Rakht Charitra 3' in the offing?

Suriya Is Ramgopal Varma planning to make the third installment in the RAKHT CHARITRA series? Well, the maverick film-maker may declare that the story he wanted to narrate concluded when Suriya [Suriya] assassinates Pratap [Vivek Oberoi] in RAKHT CHARITRA 2, but looks like the film-maker has left the options open for the third installment of RAKHT CHARITRA. For those who haven't watched the film, the last sequence depicts Vivek's new-born watching Suriya on a news channel, soon after Vivek has been assassinated.

Of course, we are well aware that RAKHT CHARITRA is inspired by a real-life story and there's no scope for the story to continue further, but RGV could spin a yarn - a work of fiction - whereby Vivek's new-born grows up to seek revenge. However, RGV dismisses the talk, when quizzed about the third installment.

Incidentally, there's talk that RGV and South superstar Suriya are planning to work together in another project, which will be directed by a top notch Telugu film-maker. It's said that RGV will present this film.

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