‘Dangerous Ishq’ has a five in one role for Karisma Kapoor

Our space informed you a few days back that Karisma Kapoor is going to make a grand comeback with Vikram Bhatt’s “Dangerous Ishq”. Now, we have some more updates to it. Sources have it that it will the most challenging role for the actress so far as she will portray five roles in five different lifetimes spanning a whole gamut of India’s mythological and historical events right from the time of Mirabai to the partition of India, Indira Gandhi’s assassination and the modern political scenario. Well, Karisma will be seen opposite five different male leads and she will also indulge in heavy duty action sequences for the flick. Karisma is doing intense research for her characters and is also taking training for the action stunts.

Director Vikram Bhatt confirms these reports saying, “Yes, Karisma’s character will go back into four different eras and lifetimes, plus there’s a role in present times. So, it’s actually a total of five roles. The story opens in 1498 and then moves through various eras to contemporary times.”

“Karisma has always been a very hard-working and capable actress. But in terms of challenges posed to her performing abilities, I feel there have been not too many golden opportunities. I feel this is the right time for Karisma to do ‘Dangerous Ishq’. It takes her to a new level as an actor,” he added.

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