Sameera Reddy suffers an accident while shooting for ‘Tezz’

Our space had informed you a few days back that dusky beauty Sameera Reddy is having a stint with bikes for her forthcoming action thriller ‘Tezz’. It so happened that when the actress was filming a stunt in the Perthshire forests, her bike skidded on a sharp turn and fell over. The bike was running at 60 kmph and Sam was dragged for at least 10 to 15 seconds before the bike could finally stop. Her right hand and shoulder suffered injuries.
Recalls Sameera, “There was a big truck with the crew catching the action from the front and the cinematographer on a bike with an ADV (digital incamera) riding alongside. A couple of cars were also following at top speed. I could have rammed into the truck, swerved and hit the cameraman or the guys from behind could have run me over. But God was watching out for me.”
“The action director who has choreographed stunts for Pierce Brosnan’s Bond adventures says my fast reflexes saved me. I’d trained for this for three months last year and not fallen once. This chase sequence was one of the last to be canned and no one had expected anything amiss. The near-fatal accident proves that when it’s action, you’re never too prepared for the worst,” she added.
Since she has completed most of her action sequences and has only a glamorous song left to shoot, director Priyadarshan has refused to let Sameera get onto her bike any more.
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