Vidya Balan reveals her love for Kolkata

 vidya balan

Though Vidya Balan has been born and brought up in Kerala, the actress has a unique attachment with the city of Kolkata. She not only made her acting debut here with Goutam Halder’s Bhalo Theko, but her first Bollywood superhit ‘Parineeta’ was based here. The actress is also shooting for ‘Kahani’ which is again set in Bengal.

Vidya says, “I don’t know. I have stopped trying to understand why. I have just accepted that there is a relation. My mom keeps saying that there might be a relation from a past life because I do not know anyone with so much of love for Bengal. Even the man in my life will have to deal with another love affair, and that is Kolkata.”

“I know how to sing some songs and rhymes. I keep on learning,” says the actress who is often mistaken by people to be a Bengali. “The first time I went to Kolkata, I felt a sense of familiarity,” she added.

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