Zarine Khan: Weight and watch!

Mumbai, July 2 -- Okay, I'll throw up at the idea of another gossip item that comes straight out of a gymnasium. Washerman Safedi is not done yet.

He's ready to throw a gymwala item at me again. Noooooooo! He doesn't read expressions, ganwaar! He says that a certain heroine Zarine Khan is in love with her gym instructor. Suits her considering she seemed pretty bloated in her first film Veer.
Dhobi explains that the instructor is a lady and the love is not the premi-premika variety. She just loves her instructor Yasmin who has ensured that she eats right and brings her weight down to what it should be with her height. Arrey, my head is spinning now. And I want to throw this dhobi out! But I can't! After all, such is life dearies!

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